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Somewhere, in a normal classroom, a normal class starts, it was a Tuesday morning and the time was warm for the season in this little Canadian city. Despite the fact the students barely come back from their vacation there was a cheery atmosphere, the teens were telling each other happy new year and compare their gift, completely normal… well almost. In this class there was one boy named Jeff not fitting the perfectly normal sense, sure from outside he look like all the others, bushy brown hairs, in average height, wearing glasses, brown hair, he didn't get lot of friend because he had some… let say personal reasons to stay away from the other, but in his closest friend there was Zoey the school female athlete idol.

"Hey, how was your vacation this year Jeff?" ask Zoey to Jeff who sited at his desk

"No much Zoe" he answer using her nickname "The usual, family party at my house, I didn't receive too much gift most was money I might spend on games"

Jeff was living in an old house a bit on the outskirt of the town, it was bigger than most of the suburb house, but yes farther.

"No! I want us to spend the money on a new ball the one we get is old and messy" say a girl voice only Jeff could hear "Oh! And sweet please let buy lot of sweet with it! No! No! Tofu! Lot of tofu!"

Jeff only clenches his teeth and tries to ignore the voice he knew quite well. Zoey notices his reaction and immediately guess what it was, after all only the two of them knew about the abnormality of Jeff.

"Let me guess she is begging you to buy sweet?" asked the girl

"Yes that with tofu and a new ball" the boy answer sighing

Indeed behind his apparent normality Jeff was hiding a secret most of people on earth cannot comprehend. From the day of his birth until now his body hosts two souls. The one being Jeff the normal boy and the other being Mia a girl, or more accurately a kitsune a mystical beast able to take human form. It was like this for as long he can remember him and Mia used to play together when he was a kid, in his dream and also in reality, because back then she could time to time appear before him, but no one except him see her. Naturally his parents only believed it was an imaginary friend and after he get old enough they even pay a psychoanalyst so he get rid of her. All his family and friends never believed Mia was real, except his grandfather, who was the one telling him his body hosts two souls and Zoey that witness Mia doing in the years. His grandfather died several years ago from sickness and old age so at this day only Zoey and him knew the existence of Mia, reducing now the number to them two.

"Heya Mia, I'll make sure he buys you lot of tofu and some nice toys too for you" say Zoey holding her laugh into a giggle

"No, the money was given to me, I'll buy video games with it" answer the boy annoyed his friend took Mia side again

"Hey! They give the money to us, not only you we need to share and videogames isn't healthy, you need to go play outside more often." Argue back Mia "Come on lazy Jeff, buy a new ball and healthy tofu instead of boring video games"

They both shared the same body, but it didn't mean they both had the same opinions on everything. It was like twins, but with only one body most of the time they thought differently.

"It was written: to Jeff. Not to Jeff and Mia on the card though" say the boy, having tough time sharing his gift with his kitsune soul sister.

"Alright, if you don't want to I'll scribble in your note book" Say Mia

On this the right eye of Jeff turn red and he start to smirk, but from only the right side. Zoey immediately notice it and back off a bit. Those were the sign Mia had literally took over the right side of Jeff body and in most of the time, it only meant troubles for Jeff. Indeed, like all kitsune Mia was quite… mischievous when let loose. In the past she often took over Jeff right side and even sometime his entire body to pull practical pranks on teachers, his parents, his friends and even Zoey.

The right hand of Jeff reaches his backpack and get out a permanent marker and his mathematic notebook. With only it thumb it pop off the marker cap and get it closer of the precious notes. Jeff face was quite intriguing; the half with the red eye was smirking maliciously when the other half was panicking. Zoey on her side only stand back looking at the internal conflict happening before her eyes.

"Wouha! Mia, no stop please I need this for the next exam!" beg Jeff afraid side

"Will you buy tofu and a new ball so we can play outside?" asked back his smirking side

Both had the same voice, but the intonation was clearly different.

"I-I will come on Mia, don't do it" finally concede the left side

"Good choice" says the right side, but right after this the right hand turn the marker and drew on Jeff face three whiskers, before dropping the pen.

After this his red eyes took back it deep brown color showing Mia had let his right side go only letting a shaking from rage Jeff… with whiskers. Zoey that had witness everything was doing her best to not laugh hard and took the marker winking to Jeff before unleashing her laugher, attracting attention. The other student turn and well several of them start laughing seeing Jeff face, only the teacher seem angry, even though she was hiding the little smile she had.

"Jeff what is this?" She asked

"It my fault teacher" immediately said Zoey, showing the marker up "Sorry about that it just I didn't see Jeff for so long I couldn't help myself"

The teacher awkwardly smiles and tells her it was alright for this time asking Jeff to not let her does this and goes wash his face in the restroom. Jeff simply nods and walks out. That it how the two worked nowadays, each time Mia decided to do something too obvious Zoey would take the blame, it was an easy way for them to keep Mia a secret from the others and maintain the sane image of Jeff. They knew by experience that people tend to not listen whatever they tell them, so instead of taking a bipolar role Jeff put a gentleman or well prank victim facade it was better than the crazy guy one.

He gets in the restroom and start washing his face when he sees Mia reflection instead of his one putting her finger to mimic his drawn whiskers.

"Look we are the same, kyon~" she say laughing

"Hahahaha… really funny stupid fox" answer Jeff annoyed by her childish behavior

"Don't be this grouchy, it was just a little joke" defend herself the fox in the mirror

Jeff look at the girl with an annoyed face, only to see she was smiling back at him, they were so different, mentally and physically, her long light brown hair, her red eyes with hint of slit pupil and her modified Shinto priestess clothes, were they really meant to be in the same body at the first place? No, Mia was probably his best friend next to Zoey, he shouldn't doubt that, like his grandfather told him before it was fate that they were both tied this way. Jeff smile a bit amazed how such a childish joke could make Mia this happy.

"That is the Jeff I know" say the fox girl, glad to see her soul brother smile

"But seriously Mia you need to stop making this kind of joke in public, I'm in last year of high school and it weird for a guy of my age to let a girl draw in my face" explain Jeff

"That is because you refuse to buy me tofu with our money" reply Mia, crossing her arms under her breasts "When I take over your body I want to move, do something video games aren't helping and your body need exercise, you will die young if you stay on your butt playing with those machine all day!"

Jeff surprise himself thinking back to what his grandfather told him before passing away. The two of them fate, the way his body is simply an incubator for Mia, once he would die Mia will have her own body as a full fledge kitsune.

Immediately after this though he get bring back to reality by Mia words "Don't think that!" she had just said

"Hmm?" fake Jeff well aware they could both felt each other thought

"You are not an incubator Jeff, you are my soul brother." She said with a serious face she rarely shown in the past "Remember what grandpa said, for this life we both share your body and in the other we will both share mine and when it happen I promise to buy you any videogames you like, so stop having those bad thought ok? I'll be always there for you, just like grandpa said we will always be there for each other."

Jeff immediately felt bad to have thought that even if it was for a second, Mia would never wish him pain, for all those years she was the person he was the closer of, it was hard to be any closer of those two anyway.

"Yeah, sorry Mia you are right we are both soul siblings" Jeff answer smiling at her

"Yush! Now let me help you to wash your face!" she said and immediately Jeff reflection get back to normal, only so he can see both his eyes turning red and his pupil getting into little slits

"Aha! Kitsune technique 162! Kistu rubbing!" said Jeff now full controlled by Mia taking some soap and start rubbing his marked cheek

"You just make up the name and number, do you?" asked the boy inside his head

"Maybe" his mouth said with a light chuckle


A few minutes later Jeff walk back in class, his face clean, but a bit red due to harsh rubbing Mia gives his cheeks. A few giggle and chuckle welcome him, before he makes it back to his desk, next to a window.

"Let me guess a kitsune technique?" asks Zoey, not really hiding her fun

"Number 162, kitsu rubbing" simply answers Jeff

"Ah yes I see it now" his friend simply reply

The remaining morning pass without big incident, during the pause Jeff fill up the hole in his notes with Zoey help and the English class was pretty calm even though Mia decide to mentally add "desu~" at each of the English teacher sentence. Jeff makes his best to not laugh during the class, despite Mia mockeries on how the teacher voice sounded childish. Lunchtime arrives and the two friends sit down at the cafeteria with each of them their homemade meal.

"Why were you laughing in your beard during Mrs. Peterson class?" asked Zoey curious of her friend attitude

"Oh, just Mia messing around as usual" answer Jeff biting in his special egg salad and tofu sandwich "She was saying desu each time she finish a sentence part, just like the kids in anime"

"I see" reply his friend giggling "She sure is energetic today"

"Hmm you are right" noticed Jeff "Any reason you are this hyper today Mia?"

"I don't know, I just feel full of energy. It party time! Mia is in the place!" answer the kitsune in his head

"She said that she don't know, but feel full of energy" tell Jeff to Zoey

"Oh? Well I'm glad for you Mia, but don't put Jeff in too much trouble. Ah! I know why she is this way." Reply the girl "It full moon tonight, that is probably it"

"Isn't this for werewolves?" asked Jeff doubting his friend

"For kitsune too Jeff, sheesh it not because all girls go crazy on werewolves you need to assume I am too" say with a sigh Zoey "From the old legend full moons give kitsune more power that is probably why she is hyper, I can't believe you didn't knew this. You are the one sharing your body with one after all"

"Eeeehh… right well I didn't knew thanks, but how did you knew this anyway?" asked the boy

"I do my research a long time ago, you know to help you both, I am your friend after all" she said going back to her lunch

"Oh I see, well thanks, seem you are hyper because of that Mia" he reply

"That's make sense! Wow Zoe you know so much stuff on my specie, even I didn't knew well I never meet any kitsune before so I guess I couldn't! Hey, Jeff let me take over your body so I can hug her!" asked the hyper active fox in only a few seconds

"Ah! Not in public Mia, people might misunderstand" refused Jeff

"Might misunderstand what?" asked Zoey unable to follow those two conversations

"No-nothing, just Mia wanting to hug you" said Jeff "She really is hyper today"

"I wouldn't have mind…" answer Zoey

"What?" asked Jeff, which was too bothered by Mia hyper speech to listen.

"Nothing, I asked if you would be ok with her" reply Zoey

"Oh well I'll manage" he simply answer

The remaining of the day was pretty normal, Mia keep messing around more than usual doodling stuff in his notes and making puns with people name, but it wasn't anything big. The last bell ring and the three walked home. Mia taking over Jeff mouth lot of time to comments on pretty much anything, the snow, the new shops and the dog that was scaring her. More the time pass, more she was messing around. It was bothering Jeff a little, but he decide to put it aside, after all she usually was calm… well more calm she had the right to be excited once in a while. When they reach the city outskirt him and Zoey split and he start to climb up the hill where his house was, it was a long walk and well the hill was hard to climb.

"Almost… at half of it" said Jeff panting, Mia was maybe right on the fact he wasn't exercising enough

"Let me do this!" said Mia taking over his body and start running "I'll climb this slope in a few seconds!!!"

"Mia wait, you are using my body energy!" Jeff try to tell her mentally but the kitsune was way too much into her running to listen.

Jeff body was running up the slope fast… really fast, so fast he overrun a car that had pass next to him a minute ago. Jeff was amazed to see his body running at this speed, was that even ok? Wouldn't it hurt his muscles to go this fast?! He couldn’t ponder about it too much because in a record time he was in front of his house.

"Tadaa~!" say Mia giving him back control over his body "it the kitsune technique 83 the Kitsu slop climbing!"

"Yeah sure" comment Jeff, unlocking his door and walking inside

He barely closes the door that he gets hit by an incredible feeling of dizziness and sleepiness. He immediately understood it was probably the after hit of the insane sprinting Mia just did.

"Gah! So… so tired" say Jeff holding himself into the wall to not fall on the floor

"Wouha! You are right I may have abuse just a tiny little bit" say Mia

Jeff stumbles to his room, he awkwardly climbs the stairs, open is door and heavily let himself fall in his bed. He immediately falls asleep and gets a black dream, Mia probably fall asleep too on her side. They both sleep until some grumble wake them up, their stomach grumbling. Jeff wake up, pushing his fluffy pillow aside he get up and walk downstairs, the full moon light was enough for him to walk through hallway without opening the light, he walk through the hallway his hair brushing his back when he realize something… a fluffy pillow? He didn't own a fluffy pillow. He slowly turn around and see something moving behind him was it him or his pillow follow him? He rub his sleepy eyes and look again… it was a tail… a fluffy fox tail. It took a few seconds before he fully realize what it mean. Without a second thought he ran to the bathroom and look at himself in the mirror only to see Mia looking back at him. Why was he looking exactly like her?!
I just realize tonight that I didn't had any Kitsune story! How was that possible?! My username is Foxpower93! So yeah, I search back in my mind and remember this story I planned to write later and well later was now!


Oh and I disclaim the picture used there
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