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Hey my name is Christophe. I'm your average guy, I didn't have incredible results at school and I didn't have any girlfriend... yet. I never get bullied and I had a group of normal friends, nothing special really. I was dinning with my parents, it was already half of the summer break and my parents looked more and more stressed. You see my father lost his job and I finish up by paying the bills... ok I know that I tell you I was normal... and I am... my family situation isn't. My father is not lazy or anything it just that he was already at his mid fifty and all employers alway go for the young, everyday he leave for a job  interview and everyday he come back looking depressed and smelling alcohol... My mother was a scientist and was working home, because her colleague decide to go on a strike and so do she, all this messed up situation make me, with my two summer job the one making the most money of the family... Anyway where was I? Oh yeah dinner between my two jobs

“Chris, you are sure you are not over working yourself?” ask my Mom for the sixth time this week “We didn't you to mess up your summer for us”

“It alright mom, is normal for a teen of my age to have a summer job anyway” I answer her

“Yeah, but two jobs?”

“Well that only mean I'm an hard-worker” I say before checking my watch “Oh I need to go now or else I'll miss the bus, see you later”

And I run out.


I was coming back from my afternoon shift when I hear the neighbours yelling at each other... again. I couldn't understand what they were saying but it was about the baby who was coming and a pet... I didn't know what they are talking about, but it almost do 3 months they are yelling at each other everyday... I enter home just to see my dad sited at the table with a glass of scotch, today interview didn't work either apparently. I directly walk into my room putting my pay checks on the living room table. Because I already ate and that I was tired I immediately go to bed...


I had a weird dream that night, I woke up in my bed in the middle of the night and my mom was there patting my head. She looked sad but at the same time relieved. Than I blacked out.


I wake up the next day with an headache and feeling awfully tired, I walk to the kitchen and take my usual cereal bowl. My mother was sited at the table and for some reason was starring at me.

“Are you feeling alright today sweety?” she ask me

“Yeah, I'm alright... just a little sleepy” I said before yawning

“Oh I see, well it your day off today so maybe you can take it easy”

“Yeah I'll do that”

I finish my breakfast with the insistent stare of my mother and walk in the backyard just to take fresh air, without any surprise I hear the neighbours yelling at each other. Like last time it was the same thing, the baby, the pet and money. I personally don't care so I sit down on the side of my pool and start to read... until I hear something fall in it. I turn my and see something something black floating in my pool. Than I hear a  “Nyan-chan!!!” coming from the neighbours backyard, the little girl yelling this couldn't be older than 10 years old. I get up from my chair and go pick up the thing that was actually a plush. I look at it for some seconds and realize it was a black cat with a bandage on the right eyes. I walk out of the backyard and get to the neighbours house where I could see the little girl in question  crying in front of the fence. I didn't knew that the neighbours had a daughter

“Nyan-chan! Please Nyan-chan come back!” she say between two sob

“Hey erm... little girl is it what you search for?” I say showing what I guessed was Nyan-chan

She turn to me and her face immediately light up, she wipe her tear and run to me, missing to fall several time, than she open the fence door and grab her plush despite the fact it was full of water

“I'm so happy Nyan-chan safe” she say before looking at me with her big blue eyes “Thanks you mister to have give me back Nyan-chan”

“No problem really it fall in my pool so I just pick it up” I say noticing her little disturbing cat hears hair band... that were... moving?

“Ok thanks a lot nice mister” she say before turning back and walk back in her family backyard “Bye bye”

Her cat ears still bother me though... I could have swear they were moving... but than again it was maybe the wind... or those new high-tech hair band with moving cat ears with your heart rate. Anyway I walk back home and go back in my book.

The remaining of the day happen fast, I surf on the net, watch some tv, swim... all activities I couldn't the day I was working, man I really love mondays. I was home watching some tv show when my father come back from his job interview... obviously drunk. My father is not a dangerous drunk he didn't get violent when he drink he is just loud and even more depressive. He slowly walk in the living room and sit next to me.

“Hey son you know I love you” he say even if it looked more like “Wey wson byou gnow I wove dyuo”

That one of the thing I hate when he come back drunk... he turn really annoying...

“Yeah I know dad did you drive home like this?” I ask

“No, no, no, I call a friend to take me home. You know Evan he is a good guy” he answer

“Well good, so what it was this time?”

“I was not enough qualified!” he say getting up and missing to fall down “I would qualified his- oh... you should get an haircut soon, they are long”

“What?” I ask a little disturbed by the sudden switch of subject

“Your hairs... they are long” he say

I get up and walk in the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror... he was right, my hairs were twice longer than yesterday... weird. I will go get a haircut next week, I didn't really have any choice after all monday was my only day off... After that not much happen, my mother keep starring at me and my father slowly sober up. I was calmly reading in my bed when I hear the couple next door yelling at each other again, I check by my window and see their daughter out playing with her plush, turning around like they were dancing or something... maybe they send her play out to make sure she didn't notice the fight... oh well it not my problem right.


In the night I could felt some tingling and something against my skin... it was nothing so noticeable just a little weight... it stay there 5 seconds and just simply disappear. I decide to not open my eyes and I slowly fall asleep again.


I woke up the next morning a little sleepy, I sit up and look at my watch. It was already 9 o'clock!!! I was going to be late for work! I change myself the faster I could run downstairs and prepare my special peanut butter and strawberry sandwich for the “oversleep day” and run out. I barely hear my mom wishing me good day.

I pass in front of the neighbours house and surprisingly no yelling this time, well the husband car was not there anymore so I guess he was not home... I didn't check if their little girls was outside... I hurry myself and finally get to the bus stop... at the moment where it was leaving, some tap on the side and it stop and I could enter... man I was lucky, I use my bus card and go sit down. I was looking by the window and notice two things... first is that my hairs were now even longer than yesterday, almost three time their initial longer the second thing is that I was not even tired to have run all this... I didn't even needed to take my breath back... I'm not the sportive type but to have run this distance and didn't being in perfect shape was not normal and talking of not normal... my hairs... something was definitely wrong, but I didn't had time to think about that it was already my stop.

My morning work was at a little café, it was not really popular, but in the morning we could get lot of clients. I was waiter there, bringing people command and all. I get the job rather easily because I
had contacts.

“Hey what are you doing here? It employee only” say the manager behind me

“It just me Jack... sorry I almost get late this morning” I say turning around

“Oh Chris it you... sorry I didn't recognize you from behind... your hair, is it new?” he ask

You see I'm good friend with him, our parents are friends so we knew each other even before entering school, but he was still 3 years older than me. It explain why I got the promotion fast too... we still try to not look too close at work because it could be seen like favouritism, so at the job I call him boss.

“Well yeah... kinda, it just grow like crazy the two past day. I hope it will stop” I answer

“Oh well hurry we have already two commands” he told me turning around and start to walk out

“What! It just open!” I almost yell

“Well business is business” he say leaving  

The remaining of the morning past fast, I bring the commands to the different table, like everyday some people were more exigent than other saying I was slow and all, like every time I simply answer with a smile that I will try to be faster the next day. Nothing really unusual, I walk to the bus stop and wait for the bus that was suppose to bring me back home for dinner. And this is when Jack follow me.

“Hey wait up, can I eat at your home too? I know your home is a good cook and I get my afternoon off” he say

“Yeah sure why not...” I say sighing “I can't believe you didn't recognize me this morning though”

“Hey it not my fault I see you two day ago and your hair were not that long... talking about long... aren't they even longer than this morning?” he say looking at me

“What?” I say verifying if he was right “Oh god... it true! They do are longer!”

“Wow that creepy” he say finally reaching my level... did you change your shoes too?” he ask

“Stop asking me those questions... no I stay home yesterday to cool down a bit” I say a little annoyed

“Ok... ok calm down you just looked... smaller” he say

I look at him and realize he was right! He was tiny for his age and so I was almost the same height than he was, but now he was taller, or it was me who was smaller???

“Ok that weird” I say, we were lucky that no one else was waiting for this bus

“You should talk to your mom about this aren't she biologist?” he suggest

“Yeah let do that...”

The bus ride was fast and we didn't talk a lot... on my side I was freaking out and well Jack respect my silence, we were friends for a long time now so he know when to talk and not. We were walking to my house when we hear someone calling us... well me.

“Hello mister nice!” say the little girl next door when she see us two pass

Jack turn to me with an interrogative look

“I give her back the toy she accidentally throw our side of the fence yesterday, that why she call me like that” I explain him before walking to the fence “Oh hello... hum...”

“My name is Felicia, what yours?” she ask smiling

“Oh nice to officially meet you Felicia, I'm Christophe” I tell her

“You are nice Christophe than!” she say laughing

“Yeah, I see that you wear the same disguise than yesterday” I say noticing her cat ears

“Disguise?” she say, tilting her head and looking confused

“Nevermind, well I need to go, see him with a friend and I don't want to make him wait” I say pointing Jack that wave at her smiling “So we will talk later ok?”

“Okay” she say turning back to go play with her Nyan-chan

I walk back to Jack and we continue to walk home.

“I didn't knew you had those sort of preference” he say to tease me

“Hey I couldn't just ignore her could I?” I say “And her parents yell at each other all the time, I just try to be kind that all”

“Wouha, calm down. I was just kidding, well it true that she is cute... ahhhh, childhood it look so far away”

“You are only 18 you know...”

“Yeah, but I'm still a kid inside” he say laughing

We enter my house and see my mother cooking in the kitchen.

“Welcome home sweety” she say turning back “Oh you bring Jack with you today”

“Sorry Ma'am” he say before making a curtsy “I smell the delicious aroma of your food and decide to tag along with my oldest companion here”

“Liar you just take your afternoon off and follow me back home” I say

“Hey you are breaking the fantasy” say Jack making like he was offended

“Don't care...”  I simply answer

“Ok it alright take place Jack I will make you something too” say my mom laughing

“It will be greatly appreciated”

“Oh cut your medieval crap already...” I say a bit annoyed

“Fine, fine” he finally agreed

We ate together in silence and notice my mom was still staring at me like yesterday, it was a bit annoying but it make me remember that I needed to ask her something.

“Hey mom, you probably notice that my air grow a lot the few past day, no?”

“Oh yeah, but it completely normal, hair growth is controlled by hormones and you are in the middle of your puberty and your body probably produce more the few last day than it do normally”

“Oh I see, so it normal... and my height?” I ask

“Your height?” she ask back

“Mom! I just shrink from 2 inch and you didn't notice anything?!” I almost yell

“Is that so?” she answer looking confused even if somehow I knew she was hiding something from me “You look really normal to me”

“Mom don't te-” I said before getting interrupted by my friend

“It alright Chris I was just kidding when I told you that”

“Oh Jack it not a joke to do, you know Chris can be really naive” my mother answer with a giggle

“If you can excuse us Chris have some afternoon work” he say almost pulling me out of the house

“Hey, wait!” I say, but before I knew it we were out...

“Chris... your mother just lie to you didn't she?” He ask me, when we were 3 house away

“Huh? You mean...?” has start too ask, surprised that he noticed too... well after all he almost pass the most of his free time at my home even today.

“Yeah, I almost know your mom more than you, I notice when she lie... but why would she hide something from you... or it was maybe from me, anyway at your pause I hear that your were more sleepy than usual, is that true?” he ask

“Well yeah I still had those weird feeling the two last night... I don't even know if it was dreams or not...” I answer

“Well it probably related to those... tonight you will wake up and note this dream down, sometime dreams show your subconscious” he continue

“Oh good idea I will... oh look like I get there, see you later” I said just before entering the supermarket where I had my second shift of work today


After my shift I get back home eat and immediately go to bed, I don't even remember if I get to my bed, but I do felt the fabric of my bed sheet when I felt this weird sensation again so I probably was, this light pain with this tingling. I immediately remember what Jack tell me I needed to note those sensation. I open my eyes and...

“Mo-Mom???” I ask

My mother was crouched beside my bed... with a syringe in my arm!!! I was on shock, my mother was injecting me something in my sleep! Medication? Drugs? Virus?!!

“Oh sweaty... calm down” she said starting to pet my head, strangely calming me down “There, there everything will be alright go back to sleep, I do this for your own sake”

Strangely her hand in my hairs just make me feel calmer and even more sleepy, I couldn't fight it but simply fall asleep, but right before I blacked out I manage to say one last thing.

“For... my own sake...?”

At this time I didn't notice that my voice was way higher than before.


My alarm ring in what I suppose it was the next morning, I stretch my hand and s;am the button to stop it... gosh I'm tired right now, I slowly get up and walk to the bathroom... I splash my face with some cold water and noticing it had low effect I was going for a second one when something click inn my head. I slowly look up to the mirror, my reflection... it was one of a girl!!!

“Ah... ah.... yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!” is the only thing that get out of my mouth

I heard my mother and father footstep running to the bathroom, I open the door and face them.

“What happening to me?!” I yell with my now feminine voice

My father froze on place, probably not sure of who I was, when my mother walk to and give me an hug and rubbing my back, things she never done to me in ages. I remember that she do this to me when I was young to comfort me, it alway had a relaxing effect on me, even now.

“Calm down, nothing is wrong with you, it my fault I should ave tell you, please calm down” say my mother

“Te-tell me what?” I ask before sniffing

“Listen, I had lot of problem with my job and I needed to test something... don't be afraid it not dangerous it just changing you... for the best” she answer

“Chan-changing me?” I say a bit confuse “How? Why? I don't understand”

“Chris... it was the only way... I know you work really hard for us but even with two jobs it not enough... I had to do this to gain my bonus and to pay the bills please don't hate me for this sweaty”

“Honey, you... you could have done this on me! Why do you choose our son? I have no job, already at half of my life and have nothing to lose! Now how do our son will live now that.... he turn into a girl?” ask my father obviously worried for me

My mother sigh and look down for a bit, I knew it couldn't be good so my father too...

“What is it honey?” he ask her

“Well the changes are not done yet... they will continue...” add my mother

What!!! I get turned into a girl and I had more to go? I hope it was not like those story in the net where some people drink weird potion and turn into horny girls!!! It would be horrible! I open my mouth and say with my trembling voice.

“Wa-what change?” I ask even if I didn't really want to know...

“Well... hum... you see Felicia the little girl next door, right?” ask my mom

“Yes I do? Why? Oh please don't tell me you are turning me into a child!”

“No, No, you will not regress in ages, you see, I work in a pharmaceutic company that produce everyday medicine and my last project was to create our own special serum just like the one you probably hear about on the internet.”  say my mother

“So... I'll keep my mind and all? And why just like Felicia? I don't understand”

“Oh yeah... you probably notice that she wear a cute... cosplay, right?” answer my mother

“You mean her cat ears and tails? Eh! You are turning me into a cat!!!” I yell

“No, no please you will not be a pet for us we promise everything will be the same, you will not need to work so hard with my bonus, I do this for you Chris. Try to understand you were wasting your youth for us, now you can live a normal life” she say still hugging me

“But as a girl... and with cat ears and tail!! What do my-” I start before noticing Jack in the stairs

We all stare at Jack for 2 minutes before he broke this awkward silence.

“Hum... I was going to pick you up Chris on my way to work, so I used the set of key you lend me to not wake your parent, but I don't think it will be necessary now... let me call my dad to say you can't work today”


I explain the situation to Jack the best I could... this whole story was still so messed up in my head.

“So if I understand clearly... you are Chris and your mother turn you this way so you can enjoy your life...” say Jack after I finish to explain him the whole story

“Basically yes, that it” I answer

“She couldn't just buy you the new video game console? It would have been better and well would not have change you into a girl... well I don't think it would” say Jack half joking

“You don't get it... she do it to fix our money problem AND to help me...” I tell him a bit irritated by his  line of logic... and by the fact he was now staring at my chest “My eyes are here by the way”

“Oh sorry” He say looking up, blushing a bit “It just that it weird to see you with.... well a girl body”

He is right... now that I think back about my reflection... the girl I see in the mirror had long silky blonde hair, a cute round face and mesmerizing purple eyes, with a fragile stature and an humble chest... man I just turn into a girl that was perfectly my type! Life can really be cruel sometime...

I blush a bit thinking about my new body and as you could probably guess Jack notice it.

“What is it? Do you just realize how cute you turn?” he simply say

“Cu-cute?? You-you think I'm cu-cute?” I say blushing hard... it was not the first time I heard those words when people talk about me. I surprise lot of girl saying I was cute before... naturally it was because I was short when I was younger, they mean cute like a plush... not like a boyfriends... but hearing that from Jack was just too weird.

“Please don't make me said it twice, it weird enough like this” reply Jack

At least it was the same way for him apparently...


Jack leave around noon, because of a call of his father on his cellphone. I could hear him yell on the other side I guess he was really pissed that Jack didn't go at work today... we tell each other bye and he leave promising me to come back tonight after his shift. So to calm down I go into the backyard, I could have go on a walk around the area but if a cat tail suddenly grow on me... what was I suppose to do? So I was there taking a sun bath looking at my now delicate hand when I hear her.

“Nice Christophe! Nice Christophe!!!”

It was Felicia, the other girl... or should I say cat girl... Wait a sec, she knew what I was passing through maybe I could ask her what was... hum... next.

“He-hello Felicia” I say before I remember my voice was not mine anymore.

“Huh? Nice Christophe sound girly today? Are you sick? Fever?” she ask me

I laugh a bit before tell her “Not really, could we talk face to face?”

“Sure! Come by the front, I'll open the door for you but shhh, master lover don't want me to open the door”

I enter home ignoring my mother and walk to the front yard there I see Felicia opening her front fence with a stick. She than look at me curiously, but her eyes light up when she seem to recognize me. She make me sign to come and it what I do. Once we were in her backyard we sit down on the grass and talk.

“So... you recognize me even if I look like this?” I ask her

“Yeah, yesterday when I see you, I knew something happen to you, I was going to ask you but you say you wanted to go with your friend” she say

“So you knew... I should have talk to you longer, but something bother me, my mother say you... hum.. pass by the same change than me, is that true?” I ask her

“Yes! I do~ I do~ But now I'm happy”

She explain to me in details her story, how her master that was in reality her sister turn him into a little girl than stole him all, only to make him the girl he was now. Even if she still remember everything with some astonishing precision she didn't look bad or sad, it was just like she was telling someone else story.

“And you never get angry or sad thinking back about this?” I ask

She shake her head and say: “No, now I'm good I have a loving master, a nice bed and lot of toys, I even kept Nyan-chan” She than show me her plush I “saved” two day ago. “I'm the most happiest pet ever!!!”

“I see...” was the only words I could pronounce this full fledged guy was now reduced to a pet... I just couldn't believe my ears... I hope I will not turn like this myself...

“And now” she say before hugging me “I have a friend, I could say best friend but Nyan-chan already have this place”

I giggled a bit and we continue to talk for a while, we speak about stuff like weather, our lives and all. She seem quite happy even with her “pet” situation, she say that her mistress was really nice, but sometime found her lover a bit scary. I listen to her, she was a really nice kid, even if I knew she wasn't that young... I remembered the no age regression part my mother mention when I panicked this morning... I wonder if Felicia know about her... situation.

“Hey hum... you know about your... tail and ears... are they-” I start

“Cute!” interupt Felicia

“Erm, yes I mean... are they troublesome, do they get in your way?” I finish

“No” she answer

“No?” I ask

“No” she repeat giggling

We continue to talk for around an hour before her “master” call her inside, we let each other and I walk home a little calmer than I was before. Felicia really calm me with her innocent and cute way to see her life, at least my parents will still treat me as normal... right?


The few next day pass really fast, I do freak out when my ears and tail sprout out... it was an alien feeling to me at first, but I get use to it. They moved by themselves depending on how I felt, sometime my tail was wagging when I was happy and such. Those few days of vacation really help me accepting my new... let say situation. I was drinking my daily bottle of milk when Jack walk in the house looking a bit down.

“Wow last time I see you like this you just learn that your favourite tv show was cancelled” I start as a joke “They cancelled another of your show?”

“No, no I'm here because my father have a message for you..” say Jack a little tense

“uh oh... the boss huh?” I ask a bit less sure of myself

“Yeah, he say: come back at shop before the end of the week or I fire you”

“Nya?!” I say more in reflex than anything “He will fire me?!”

“Di-did you just nyan?” ask Jack, surprise

“This is not the question here, he will fire me?!” I say, panicking “Bu-but I can't go work looking like that?!”

“Well I do have an idea” he say, before whispering it in my new cat ears


I was really nervous, it was a bad idea a really bad idea.... even if the boss believe this crazy scenario it was a really really bad idea... I was there trying to not sweat, waiting. I didn't sign for this, but yeah right now I was my cosplaying cousin “Cathy” not Chris. Man, how did this degenerate to this situation so fast? Than someone come in and here go my job.

“Welcome worthy costumers, let me show you your table, nya~” I say, with the best smile I could

Turning around I guide the two girls to their table, thanks god they are girls... this maid/catgirl waitress position is so humiliating... I can't believe I go along with that... but it was the only possible way I could keep this job.


I do this waitress job the best I could do, knowing the menu make my job easier, even if it was my first day as a waitress I would say I was quite good. The only bad point was the reaction of people, some girls were really nice saying I looked good, it actually feel really good hearing that... I hope it not because of the girl hormones in me that I feel this way. Oh and some others were horribles, laughing and whispering things between them, I guess that was jealousy from them. It felt a bit weird to see girls jealous of me, but what could I have done to change it?


It been a few months that my body start to change, I surprise myself to be quite ok with this, I just get used to it, probably. I did had to lose my other job at the convenient store though but with the raise of salary I get from the café as waitress I do not need it anymore. It as been some nice months I had, sure having to wear a cap in public to hide my ears weren't that easy or nice, but it was a little price for the happiness when hanging around with Jack, doing normal teen stuff. I thought my life would only get better... I was wrong


It was a rainy Saturday, I just get home when I noticed my parents around the table with tons of bills. I walked closer to eardrop on their conversation.

“No no and no!” yelled my father “We need to find another way, he well she just start to enjoy her life! We can't ask her this much, she is still our daughter!!!”

“But... if she want to where is the problem? She will have a better life, more money, a better house!” answered my mother, eyes full of tears

“I refuse to do this!!! I'm the one that put this family in misery and yet he is the one that need to pay, it wrong! Wrong I tell you!” yell my father again, somehow I could tell he wasn't drunk today... but what were they talking about?

“It our only choice, my job is going to be cut we will be homeless in several months if it continue”

I couldn't take it anymore and I step in.


We were in the car in the direction of the auction house... I was patiently waiting on the passenger seat of the car. My father wasn't here because he refused to see this... he refused to accept my decision... myself I feel a bit sick about what will happen.

We finally reach our destination and enter by the back door, there my mother register us and we get into the waiting room... it wouldn't be too long thy said. I was there thinking about how should I act from now on... how would be my life and my mother suddenly hug me.

“You know you don't have to do this for us Catie! You... you can back out now, it not too late” She said, hugging me only like a mother could, crying in silence to not scare me

“I take my decision... I... it the only solution” I answered trying to control the tears that were getting in my eyes “Everything will be alright”

After what seem to last an eternity the auction announcer call our number up.


It happen really fast, I was standing in front of this crowd of tuxedo men... well men was a big word I could see some women, but it was in majority men. Some were old and creep me out to be honest. I feel like I'm a sort of slave that is going to be brought by some creep or pervert... maybe it was the case after all.

After a few minutes the price stop and I heard the amount my parents are going to get... 10 000 000$! I was happy, I truly were. Finally my parents will finally be able to erase the debt and have a nice life. I finally manage to make them happy and don't be a burden for them.

The man that brought me, walk on the stage and put a collar around my neck, before putting me a leash... I was a bit humiliated, but I guess I needed to get used to it. At least this man saw me as a pet and not as some disturbing slave. He pull on the leash and I follow him toward the front door, as we pass between the sited people I heard some comments on how he was lucky and I they would “take care” of me better... I simply ignore them, looking down... and than I heard the announcer say:

“Alright number 3920, please step in.... An immortal Catgirl pet, already named and come with clothes and toys, it starting bid start at one million, who say more?”


And this is when I see her... I turn right before passing through the door, Felicia was there! She was holding her little plush and was sited where I was several minutes ago! That why they were yelling at each other for such a long time... but how could they sell her like that?! From what she told me several days ago she had an happy life with her family and was loved by them, how could they throw her away like that?! I keep starring at her until my new “Master” pull on the leash and force me to walk out... This is when I realize that normal people didn't consider us like humans anymore... we were just their things...
There is (finally) the sorta sequel for "A cat for my sister" sorry for the wait but college and all kill my time and inspiration, I work time to time on this for a while and well today I decide to finish the part for good.

I do not claim any ownership of the preview picture
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thank you, put some thoughts on finding what word to put, but I'm glad you liked it.. sadly I can not say when the next part will be online I need to be in some set of mind to write this
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Such a wonderful stories "A Cat for my Sister" is a great piece but this is a great one as well I do believe that your should write a sort mini series about each of there lives with their new masters/mistresses. 
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am not done with the series yet I am currently writing the third one, but I do admit this isn't satisfying as ending. Sadly college took lot of my time and I end up pushing the submission back. I also need to be in a certain state of mind to write those to their full potential or else I grow sloppy, but so far the third part is roughly half done.
MagicalDeviant Featured By Owner May 22, 2015
The ending makes u consider a lot of things, it's not just "cat girls" cause it doesn't rlly exis in real life, it's what we consider different that makes us reconsider our differences relating to this story. It's one of the best I've ever read, grammar was terrible tho (no offence) but I guess it doesn't rlly matter with a gd story and considering ur not from an English country (at least I think ur not) keep up the good work 😆.
foxpower93 Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, this series is probably well my personal favorite I start it on a way to vent and it continue on as my way to express some of the stuff I notice around human society and technically Canada is English and French I am from the French territory so my first language is as you could guess French, but I also have a sort of dyslexia that affect my writing making me unable to see most of my grammar and orthographic errors
tommycurl Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
I hate this violation of human rights the actions of the characters not the story
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
mhm was the goal of the story
tommycurl Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
chris has an f$%$ed mom and the people who do these things to her and Felicia are monsters
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Or are they? What do you think if cat people start existing in our world? You do not believe people would find loophole in laws? humanity right? Humans in general are arrogant believing they are superior in all so an outcome that would happen like in my story would not surprise me if it would happen irl
tommycurl Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
it would surprise me if some people didn't get pissed off and protest
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Naturally there good and bad people sadly bad tend to be in power. And power lust can turn people into real monsters
tommycurl Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
true that but eventually things change
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have to disagree with you on this one... for as long humans live the fight for power existed, it keep exist from all our history until today that is still on going... so no often history is just showing how dumb humanity is repeating the same mistake over and over
neolight15 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
so when does the cat girl rebellion begin and everyone is forcefully converted
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...Whe-where do you get this idea...?
hibarikyouya4 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
i still want to see more of this series(smiles)
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes I plan to restart writing soon, but I change my laptop and lack the proper programs to do so
hibarikyouya4 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
oh you mean like word and stuff?  im looking forward to it ^^ i think this would make a good anime honestly (unfortunately i cant animate worth anything lol)  or at least a good manga
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes I picture most of my stories could be visually good. I do practice my drawing in my free time to someday make a manga of them.
Futaba2 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
be nice to have Felicia story.
sakura1255 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
so confused, this is the part after Felicia was train as her sister and before Felicia get sold, right?

I really want to read next part
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this part happen when she was living with her sister fully trained to the part where she get sold, it is in a way a parallel story introducing another character living a similar fate
goingtoregetthis2 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
This is ... depressing. The catgirls are cute but man, after reading this I feel miserable. I'd love to turn those people into mice and sic the cats on them. When I read your first story I was hoping the second would have a happier ending.
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not done with the series yet
Wardawg99 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Good story. I would have busted in, beat the crap out of all the buyers, free the cat girls, loot all the money from the buyers, give part of the money to Chris/Catie's family along with Chris/Catie and used the money to create a facility/sanctuary for the cat girls so they won't have to be pets but normal living beings which I would run.
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ou have no idea how much people say this kind of comment before XD
Wardawg99 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Well I guess it's good to have people start to think what they would do so that you can just cherry pick some of their responses for your own stories as possible endings. It's also good to have an article or story that makes it's readers think and I think you have accomplished that. The story was excellent other than some spelling and grammar errors. Good job.
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks and yeah, my first language isn't English and well I have a dysorthographia problem, learnt he last one 2 months ago
Wardawg99 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Ok, well for someone who's first language isn't English I would say that you did a pretty good job writing in English with your writing problem. Again good job and I hope that you will soon be able to conquer your problem.
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sadly there apparently no cure but hey I live so far and wrote so far with it, I'll still write though
Wardawg99 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
Well maybe with the advances of technology there will be a cure. I hope that will happen for you and the many others that may also be affected by it. I'm glad that you have a good attitude about it though. :)
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it not this bad really just mean I do more grammar fault ^^;
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Ch1biKuro Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
*shoots the bid winning man with a tranquilizer, as I then take all his clothes off and tie him before leaving him in a ally way, I then proceed to wisk the cat girl into his portal that leads to his own demension. There she will be happy and wont be treated as an object, but more like a normal person, with all the other neko's living there.* :3 Problem solved ^w^... wait I need to go back for Felica!!!
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahahahaha, sadly I can't let you do that, but I'm glad you want to save them though
Ch1biKuro Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Then il enter the auction with "give me the neko or I blow up the world!!" hehehe I dont think you can beat that price >:3
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I doubt you can make an explosion of this size
Ch1biKuro Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
.... I need to go barrow the death star.....
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
they both get destroyed you know?
Ch1biKuro Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
.... well then I give up... my only option left is to turn them all into cat girls :P
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh good idea XD
MarsCam Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student General Artist
I liked the story but it was annoying to read. it looked like it was written by a super intelligent cave person, no offence intended. and the ending was a bit depressing. but over all it was great. .)
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the writting style was aimed to be like a diary, so when the character get back with a child mind it was suppose to look like a child diary. If you haven,t noticed until now it a dramatic, the ending was suppose to be sad
MarsCam Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Student General Artist
yeah i understood the sad ending was intended. but my biggest concern was when they said something like "it happen really fast" and stuff like that, it ran though the entire story and made it kind of a headache  to read. 
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you don't like then don't read, my first language isn't english so I'm doing my best to write good stories in a language that isn't my first one. So no you aren,t the first one saying this and probably not the last.
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