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(This story contain slight violence, nothing gore or sexual. Oh and it long... really long well now that you are warned, good reading)

Hey I'm Frank, your normal teenager my everyday life is without any weird event, you could even said is boring. Anyway I life in a normal house in my normal family, it summer vacation and I have nothing to do... yeah now that I said it like that it really seem boring. Well I guess my family are in good term with each other, it sure that I often argue with my little sister but hey yo didn't anyway, this is my story.

It all start one day when my sister go back to an annoying subject with my parents in our usual family supper...

"Hey, why can't we have a cat?" she ask, oh she is only several years younger than me

"We alreay have a dog and anyway you know that your brother is allergic to cat" answer my mom

"Oh yeah right it is fault" she said glaring at me

"Ok, look it not my fault if my body have over reaction because of cat" I said

"Oh you with your technical term, if it was not because of you I would have a cat to myself!" she start arguing

"Tch... I'm sure you would not even be able to take care of it" I answer with my usual malicious smile

"Ok stop it you two!" interfere our mom "You will never have a cat until your brother leave the house or miraculously" said my father

"Ok fine!!!" said my sister before storming in her room

"Well someone is not in good mood" I said finding myself quite funny

"Don't push your luck" said my mother

"Ok, ok" I simply answer

After that we finish eating and I help my parents to clean the dishes and go in the living room to get my laptop but at my surprise it was not there anymore! The bag had vanish, I had put it right there, where it go? I take some minutes searching around when I finally realize... I walk upstairs and directly walk to my sister room and knock at her door.

"I know you have my computer, you better give it back to me or else I enter and take it back myself!" I yelled more pissed off that she took my computer without my permission than the fact she was using it

"I don't have your computer!" she simply answer

I knew she was lying, my computer would never vanish like that so I open the door, that conveniently didn't have any lock and see my sister on her bed my laptop in front of her. She immediately close the page she was in and look at me with the puppy eyes of her.

"It didn't work on me... why did take my laptop without my permission? I didn't take your stuff without telling you" I said a little irritated that she try such a low trick on me

"Aw... I just thought it was the parents laptop that all" she answer

"It not the same colour" I said before taking my computer back and noticing that everything was close "What were you checking anyway?"

"Nothing! Just updating my facebook" she hastily said, strangely something told me she was lying...

"Well I hope you disconnect, I don't want your friends to start to chat with me" I said, trying to not piss her more...

"Yeah I do, do you think I'm stupid or something?" she answer

"Ok... fine, just don't do it again" I said before leaving her alone

I surf on internet until I get sleepy than I go to bed


I woke up fairly early... 4 hours of sleep meh... I see worst. I make my morning routine; shower, dress up than breakfast and I was ready for another boring day in my existence. The day pass like any other, playing some video games, chatting with my sister that didn't seem to hold a grudge from yesterday and surfing on the net. Than the dreaded time of the family supper... Surprisingly this time no arguing, my sister stay calm... well as much calm as she would be normally. Than go the dessert time my sister pick up the cookie bag and give me three when she only take two...

"Ok what do you want?" I said knowing that my sister was never generous for nothing

"Oh nothing I just wanted to apologize for yesterday I shouldn't take your stuff without your permission" she answer, even more fishy


"Oh yeah and because you have more cookie than me you take care to throw the bag away" she said before running off

It alway have a catch... I ate my cookies and go throw the empty bag in the garbage can, it not like it was bothering me, it was just several step away... after this I go on my laptop and surf on the net until I get sleepy


I woke up next morning... I overslept ok not really, I had 8 hour of sleep but I rarely sleep this much, when I woke up my little sister couldn't help but to tease me.

"Hey, you had a good night of sleep mr. Bear?" she said finding herself funny

"Ha ha ha... so funny" I said sarcastically

"Oh so grumpy in the morning... it not like you" she said

"Man I feel like I didn't sleep enough..." I reply, thing that was true... I felt so sleepy

"Weird" she said before going back to her tv show

The afternoon was not really that interesting, I watch some tv with my sister than go do my little stuff, nothing really special. Until we reach noon, my sister than decide to make a salad and ask me to get her some ingredients that was on the top shelf, there again nothing weird... except the fact that I had more difficulty to reach the top shelf than usual... at first I didn't really notice... but more the day go the more I noticed my surrounding was... bigger, do the fatigue of my half night start to make me hallucinate?  My sister didn't seem to notice, so I go to the bathroom door where we usually see how we grow in the years, I place myself back to the wall and take my height... I was 1 inch smaller than a month ago!!!

To be honest I freak out a bit... I never heard anyone that shrink over a month... well not at my age! Something was definitely wrong...what was happening to me? I decide to don't tell my family... maybe it was just temporary... maybe it was just me that imagine those thing, anyway I didn't wanted to scare them for probably nothing, so I don't say a word at the supper and walk straight to my room after I finish. There I look at myself in the mirror... I looked like myself... nothing wrong, except this apparently "shrinking" I noticed. I continue to examine myself until I heard the phone ring and heard my Mom scream. I immediately run down and see my mother in my father arm, a little confused I look at my sister with an interrogative look, she simply shrug looking as much confused than I was. We learn a little after that she received a call for a contest she win, they win a cruise and vacation to Mexico for a week, but the only problem was that the prize was only for two. Me and my sister told them they could go and have their second honeymoon when we will watch over the house and after a big speech on how responsible we should be and a plan of all the frozen dinner that were in the freezer our parents finally go prepare their suitcase and leave, because the cruise was going to go tonight. We wave at them and go back inside...

The rest of the night was not really interesting...


I woke up in the morning, 8 hour of sleep again but still tired, I start the usual morning routine, get up, stretch, show.... wait... I enter the bathroom and stop in front of the mirror... I stay there fixing my reflection... that had... blonde hair??? My brown hair were now gold blonde!!! how... how was that possible! I couldn't hold a yell that apparently alarm my sister that knock at the bathroom door

"Hey are you alright in there?" she ask

I open the door, still in pyjama and point my new colour before saying "Do I look alright? Are you the one behind this!!! You dyed my hair last night do you? How and especially why you do that?!"

"Oh that... well I didn't dye your hair I can promise you that" she said before turning back like everything was fine in the most perfect world

"Hey, I'm not done yet!!!" I said pissed off by her disinterested attitude

"We will talk after you take a shower, ok?" she said before walking back downstairs

"Erm... alright" I said

I take a fast shower, as I do I couldn't help but to notice that all my arm and leg hairs had vanish... maybe it was because they were now blonde but I couldn't see them and my skin do feel smoother... weird... After clean up I walk downstairs and get in front of my sister in the middle of her show, thing to don't do again because she start to yell at me and treat me of name, the weirdest is that I take a step away... intimidated? Anyway she calm down and I ask my question.

"Ok! Why am I blonde!!!" I start

"Oh that an easy question, is because you change" she answer

"Wait a sec! You said... change, how could you know?"

"That because I do it"


"You remember two day ago when Mom said we will never had a cat until you left or get miraculously healed from your allergy?" she ask

"Yeah, so what I don't plan to leave house just yet?" I reply

"Well I find on internet a medicine that would make miracles and kill two bird with one stone" she said looking all proud

"Wait! Killing two bird with one stone, what do you mean? What did you give me!" I said

"You will see in time and hour" she said before getting up and walk upstairs "Oh and I want you to don't ask me any other question for today"

I was not really concern about her order, but  I was shocked by one thing... only one thing... my sister, no I was at the same height then my sister!!! How was that possible!!! My little sister... no...

The day pass like any normal day, well except the fact that I was slightly obsessed by the fact that my hairs were growing to an extremely fast rate... before noon they had reach my shoulder and at the time of the supper it had reach the middle of my back! I was scarred... and my sister didn't help me at all... for all the supper she start to ask me me all sort of stuff... to get up and go search her something to pass her the pepper... and every time I almost felt like I had to follow what she said... When she finish she ask me too pick everything up and wash it... thing that I do... after washing everything I go to my bedroom and get in my bed to... cry... yeah I cried... I was changing and I didn't knew where this nightmare will stop...


I wake up fairly early this morning... I don't know how much time I slept but this time I didn't felt tired... but it was not my first preoccupation... this morning my bed was... way bigger than it was last night. I sit up and notice immediately something was wrong... I look at my hands, they were all tiny... well not exactly my fingers are looking longer more feminine. A little confused I get up and that where I knew something was really not right, my manhood... I couldn't felt it anymore!!! I run to the bathroom afraid to see what I would like and when I see my reflection I could help, but scream with a voice that wasn't mine. In the mirror was standing a girl... she couldn't had more than 10 years old... gold blond hair, big blue eyes with a round and feminine face... this girl... it was me!!! Like yesterday my sister walk in and look at me before holding a giggle.

"Oh big brother... you, look so cute" she said, obviously taunting me

"It not funny!!!" I yell back, tearing up

"Oh poor little thing, come here big sister will give you a hug" she said mocking me

It was too much for me, I run pass her barely noticing she was now a good head taller than me and go into my room before slamming the door. It was too much, the change, my sister... and my parents that were not there to even try to stop her... and now... I am a freaking girl!!! I stay in my bed until noon, but the hunger make me go out... luckily my sister was no where to be found so I run downstairs to pick up something to eat... I notice something though, I lose some control over my body, as a male I could have sneak around the house without making any noise... as a little girl... let just said even the people next door could have notice me, but at this time I didn't cared I just wanted something to calm my hunger. I open the fridge and pick up some fruit and vegetable before I noticed the best snack I would have never thought of... smocked salmon. I do remember that my mom told us she buy some to eat on our bagel the morning and my sister and I decide to open it in the middle of the week, but right now I didn't really wanted to share this delicious fish with my sister after all I was a girl by her fault, but I had a problem... the salmon was on the top of the fridge... normally I would had no problem to just take it... normally... I think I jump over 9 time to get it making more noise. When I finally get it I look around aware that my sister couldn't miss that, but apparently she was in the restroom or in the basement listening to her music, so I hurry up and run back upstairs. I open the door of my room and drop the precious snacks I work so hard to get... my sister was there waiting for me.

"Oh look like you stole some food bad bad girl and it the smocked salmon... I was sure that I put it high enough so you could not reach it" she start looking awfully amused

"Leave me alone!!!" I yelled before turning back and start to run away, I don't know why, but it was the only think I could think off right now

"Not so fast" she said pulling me by the hair, making me tear up "I'm not done talking to you yet"

I start to cry and yell at her "Stop it! Or I will go tell mommy!"

I know it was lame, but it was the only think I could think of doing... but strangely it work out, she let me go and start laughing. Even if I was a little hurt by her reaction I take my chance and run off to lock myself into the bathroom. When I finish unlocking the two doors I heard her knocking furiously to one of them.

"Hey unlock the door!!!" she yell, obviously pissed off

"No!! you are mean to me, I will not open!!!" I answer, it was right that she was mean...

"I said open this damn door!!!" she yell even louder, scarring me

"Nooo!!!" I simply reply

"Ok fine, stay in there as much as you want you will have to leave at sometime... and I will be there" she said before I hear her walking downstairs

And I pass the day there... I eat all the salmon and drink water, I even make a bed in the bath tub with a bunch of towel, I know that I could have go in my room that was just from 3 step away from the bathroom but it didn't had any lock and I was too afraid to confront my sister right now... so I sleep there...


A noise wake up me in the morning it seemed close so I open my eyes and search for it but nothing... than I realize it was the sound of boiled egg... from downstairs? How I could possibly hear the noise of an egg that was cooking from upstairs!!! I get out of my improvised bed and immediately see my reflection, not much had changed... except for the two white cat ears in my head!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, my sister was turning me into a cat!!! That what she mean by kill 2 birds with one stone!!! I start to yell and when I see the tail swaying behind me my scream get even louder. I immediately heard the sound of cooked egg stop and I knew she was coming upstairs... and like I predict she knock to the door.

"Hey I see you finally notice everything, well how do you like your new body?" she ask probably in front of the door

"What have you done to me?! I'm not even human anymore!" I yell back

"Oh so it finished... well it training time" she said when I see with horror the door knob starting to shake "Come on it will easier for both of us if you open the door now"

"Noooo! I will not let you enter!!!" I yelled scarred

"Well you couldn't said I didn't tell you" and immediately after she said those words I hear the doorknob falling down on her side

I immediately run to the second door, but it didn't wanted to move a inch... I panic and start pummel the door the stronger I could but nothing...

"Don't even try to flee you little kitty, I block the other door" she said before making the doorknob fall on my side

Right now I'm honestly scare... scare of the person I used to tease and have fun with everyday. She finally open the door and step into the bathroom, she have a leather belt in her hand... I'm scare, I'm so scare...

"Well let teach her name to this bad little kitty" she said cornering me against a wall "Let see... Felicia yeah that a cute name"

"Why... why are you doing this?" I ask, my voice was trembling...

"No, question just repeat after me; I'm Felicia!" She said before hitting me with the belt, making my leg she hit burn

"Yaaaahh!" I yelled tearing up "It hurt..."

"I said repeat!" she yell, hitting me again, but this time making me cry

"Sis..." I said between two sobbing "why?"

"I'm not your sister anymore, I'm your mistress!" she said before hitting me again "Now tell me you name!"

"It... it Frank..." I said

The beat down continue over five minutes I didn't stop crying and begging for her to stop... I even think I wet myelf but I couldn't care less, my body was burning and I decide to say what she want me to say... she just hurt so bad...

"Tell me your name!!!" she yell again

"It Felicia! It Felicia! Please sis don't hurt me anymore!" I said begging on my knees

"I told you I was not your sister anymore, but your mistress!!!" She yell before hitting me again "You are my pet now!!!"

"Un... understood mistress" I said shacking from the pain and the new fear I had for the girl I used to call sis...

"Good, now follow me" she said before going downstairs

I follow her... what could I do? She was now stronger than me... and I know what will happen if I didn't listen to her... She walk to table and make sign to me to seat down, I immediately do so and look down.... I was too afraid to even look at her. She walk to the oven and pick up a dish and put it in front of me, it was a breakfast like any other; egg, bacon toast were in it. I stay there starring a the dish not sure if she wanted to torture me more or was really giving me food.

"Come on Felicia, eat up before it get cold" she said  "You didn't eat much yesterday, you should be starving"

She was right, my belly was grumbling and I was already drooling in front of my meal.

"Can I really?" I asked

"Yeah, I made it for you after all" she said before starting to eat her own breakfast

I immediately start to eat, I miss to choke three time, but I didn't slow down I was just too happy to finally get a real meal. My mis... I mean, sister look at me and giggle when I ask for a second serving. After I finish my second portion, she give me some clothes and ask me to go change.

"Change, why?" I asked

"because I choose so Felicia" she answer

Remembering the beat down I take the clothe and run to the restroom and change myself, I only realize it was a maid like uniform after I finish to put it on... this is so degrading... the change, the beat down and now that... I still get outside and show the result to the girl I had name mistress now

"Oh that perfect you are so cute in this" she said cheerfully

"Mi... mistress, I'm not sure mommy will accept this" I said

She immediately slap me over the face, making me tearing up again... what did I do?

"I already told you that you are not my sister! You are not in this family anymore!!!" she yelled, scaring me

"Bu... but I..." I start, but I receive another slap, making me fall on me knee... it hurt...

"No but!!! You are a pet now and pet didn't call their owner mom "mommy", understood?"

"Understood..." I said on the border of tear

"Understood who?" she repeat

"Understood mistress! Please don't hit me" I said shielding my face

"Good girl" she said before patting my head and walking away

The strangest thing is that... it feel good, her hand in my hair make me feel like I do something good... I think I'm slowly losing it... she hit me and now I'm happy when she pat my head?

"Follow me" she said before walking to the living room

I follow her, fearing the punishment, than for the rest of the day she "teach" me how to obey her and hopefully she didn't hit me again... but I was still afraid... I'm so pitiful... afraid of my little sister... Anyway, when we finish what she call the daily training she tell me to do whatever I wanted, so I listen to tv. And come the time of supper...

"Ok Felicia, be a good girl and prepare the food" said my sister when she walk downstairs

"Yes mistress..." I answer before walking to the kitchen and put the frozen dinner in the microwave

"Good girl, you learn fast" she said patting my head again

I can't understand... she is praising me, but if I didn't listen she hit me... even I could tell it was some messed up pet training, she try to train me as a pet!!! And the worst in this is that it work... her patting like the last one make me feel happy...

"Awww... your so cute when you smile like this" she suddenly say

"Am I?" I ask, a little shocked by the her comment

"Yeah, you are such a cute pet, Felicia"

"Than.... thanks mistress" I say blushing

The supper happen without any problem. Even if at each time she ask me to go pick up something I almost run to bring back the thing... and than she pat me in the head, exactly what I wait for. After the supper she told me to go to bed because I needed to have lot of sleep, I didn't argue because of the leather belt she was still carrying around and walk upstairs into my room, right before she stop me.

"Hey where are you going!!!" she yell from behind me, making me jump of surprise and fear

"I... I was going in my room..." I said, slightly shacking

"That not you room! That my brother room! And are you my brother?!" she yell again

"N... no... I'm not... but where should I sleep?" I say remembering the long beat down of this morning

"hmm... oh I know" she say before leaving and come back with a blanket and putting it on the floor "You are sleeping there"

"In... the hallway?" I ask

"What do you prefer sleeping outside?"

"No! No! The hallway it good, mistress"

"Good now go to sleep" she said before leaving me with me "bed"

I lay on the blanket and after a while I fall asleep...


Two day pass and I still life in those horrible condition, two day I sleep on the floor, two day I lived in fear but this morning I woke up early and my mis... sister was still asleep so I walk downstairs and watch some tv, I make sure to don't put it to loud I didn't wanted to wake her up, she is scary enough rested I didn't want to see her tired. I listen to some kid show and for some reason, it was good. Some hour ago mistr... sister wake up.

"Oh good morning my pet, how is it going?" she ask half asleep

"Good morning mistress" I say smiling, for some reason I was really cheerful this morning "The floor was a little cold, but I sleep well"

"It was? Well if you are a good girl today I'll let you sleep on the couch" she say

"Really!?" I ask, sleeping on the couch was now a luxe for me

"Yeah, but promise me you will be good today" she answer

"I'll be good, Felicia will be a good pet today" I say, happy to finally could sleep on something comfy

"I believe you" she say before giggling "What do you want for breakfast?"

The day happen really fast, I stay on the side of my mistress except when she or I needed to go in the restroom. I listen to her and do everything she want me to do, bring the remote control; sure! She is thirsty; peach juice or fruit punch? I even let her use my laptop, I do whatever I could to be a good girl, so tonight I would sleep on something else than the cold floor. Before I could tell it was already time for supper. I was eating reheated roast beef slice when she start to talk to me.

"Felicia?" she call me

"Hmm?" I answer instinctively with my mouth half full

"Tonight you will sleep on the couch, with blankets and even one of my big brother pillow"

"Really!?" I ask all excited by a good night of sleep

"Yeah, you were such a good girl today that I think I'll even give you a toy" She said, offering me a plush that look like a cute black cat "Here it's yours"

I take the plush and hug it, it was so nice to finally have something that I could call mine, I didn't care if it was only a toy, it was mine and it was the important. After the supper, I directly go cuddle the doll on the couch and I think I fall asleep there.


I woke up on the couch, I notice that mistress had give me a pillow and blankets yesterday and that make me happy. I get up and decide to make breakfast today. Not knowing much about how to cook I simply make my mistress omelet with toast and I bring them upstairs. I enter her room and...

"Good morning, mistress!" I say when I enter the room with the food

"What is your problem wake me up at this hour!!!" She yell at me, making me drop the plate and tear up...

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I repeated, starting pick up the mess I done

"What are you!" she start but she suddenly stop when she see what I was doing "Oh my... I'm sorry, I didn't knew..."

"It alright, Felicia was..." I say between to hiccup "a bad girl, I will never do it again, please don't hit me"

"Oh poor thing" She say getting up and walking toward me, I shield myself by reflex but she... hug me? "You don't need to excuse yourself, you were not a bad girl"

"Bu... but mistress yell at me" I say crying in her arms

"I made a mistake, I'm so sorry" she say hugging me even more tighter "Look I'll made the breakfast go play with your plush between this time"

"Ok..." I say pick up my toy and see something horrible "Nyan-chan!!!"

"Nyan-chan???" ask mistress

"Nyan-chan!" I say showing her the plush she give me yesterday with a butter knife in the right eye "He is wounded!"

"How cute, you even give it a name" she say giggling "Give it to me, I'll heal him"

I hand her Nyan-chan with some hesitation, she take it and go to the bathroom before coming back with him, it had all the eye patched. I take it and look at mistress not sure what it was for.

"See now he have bandage so he will heal up" she say smiling at me

"He will?!" I ask

"Yes, I promise"

The rest of the 3 next day pass without too much problem...


Today mistress is stressed, her parents are coming back and she ask me to lie to them... I don't understand why but if it important for mistress than it important for me.

"Ok so you remember what you need to tell them, right?" she ask me for the twelve time this morning

"Yes mistress, it will be alright" I tell her

"You are right... aw... they will be here any minutes now"

Like she say several minutes later "they" knock at the door, I walk to the door and answer.

"Hello welcome home mistress father and mistress mother" I say smiling at them

"Erm... who are you?" ask mistress father

"It a long story..." start mistress

She explain that the day after they go to their cruise her big brother slowly turn into me and that I didn't remember my past, like she told me to do before they arrive I agree with her and tell them she was right and that I didn't remember anything from several day ago. After several hours they believed us and hug me saying that they will find a solution.


It now make several month that I am with mistress, she treat me well and I love her really really much. She buy me clothes, toys and now I even sleep in a bed! Mistress parents still cry sometime when they see me, but I go hug them and say everything will be alright and they pat my head, this family is so good with me, I'm such a lucky pet.


Today Mistress is leaving for the university... I'm a little sad that she let me here, but she told me that she will visit a lot so she can play with me. I believe her, mistress would never lie to me...

Before leaving she pat my head and told me to be a good girl when she was gone, she told me that I was the best pet she never had and walk out of the house. Mistress mother start to cry so I go hug her like I alway do and tell her I was still there... but inside I was really sad...


It make several years I live with mistress now, she come pick me up home and bring me to our new home, she live there with her lover, he is really kind last time he come home for dinner he give me candies... But today I found him really mean, I was playing in the living room when I heard him and mistress having a fight... so I walk to the door and spy on them

"No!" yell mistress "I will never do that!"

"But sweety, we are sure now and we don't need her now that we will have a baby" say her lover "Imagine, we could do the trip you alway wanted"

"But... no I just can't! It inhuman, how could you even think about doing such a thing!" yell back mistress

"Ok listen, I accept that you bring her home despite the fact that I'm allergic to cat. And now that we know the news she is useless, think about it how do she going to feel when the baby come out? Don't you think she will left out when we take care him instead of her?"

"No she will not Felicia is not like this, she will love the baby just like she love both of us!!!"

"But think about it that all I ask you" say mistress lover before walking outside of the room and bump into me

"ouchie..." I say falling down

"You... were you spying?" he ask me

I vigorously shake my head, hopping he would believe me

"Yeah, right..." He say before walking away

When he was away I hear mistress crying so I walk into the room and see that she was sited on the bed. I walk to her and hug her, she was now so big and I was still so small, she smile at me and pat my head.

"Felicia... you never change do you?" she ask me

"No, I'll alway stay like mistress like" I answer

"You are such a good girl... hey, tell me, what would you do for me?"

"I'll do anything, mistress" I say rubbing my cheek on her side


Today mistress and her lover want to make me go somewhere, it a sort of house... I don't know why, but mistress cry a lot when we were in the car for there... do it have anything to do with her belly who was getting bigger? I hope she didn't thought she was fat, because she wasn't! We arrive and enter by the side door, it was chic, but a bit noisy, I didn't stop to jump each time I heard a hammer hitting something... maybe they were building something... Anyway mistress start to arrange my hair and put my collar on, thing she rarely do, before handing me Nyan-chan.

"Are we going for a walk?" I ask

"No Felicia... we are not going for a walk..." say mistress crying

"Than why the leash?" I ask

"Please Felicia be a good girl and stop asking question..." ask mistress lover


Than I hear a mister saying a number and mistress told me to follow her. I follow her to front of a big crowd, she ask me to sit on the chair in front of everyone and I obey like the good girl that I am. Everyone in the room were wearing black suit, lot were old but some were young, they all look at me... Suddenly the mister that was probably repairing stuff because he had an hammer start to talk.

"An immortal Catgirl pet, already named and come with clothes and toys, it starting bid start at one million, who say more?" say the mister

Than people start to say number higher and higher... I look at mistress and see she was crying... Why do she cry and what am I doing here?
It a really long story about a unlucky brother that see his life change in... more or less three day XD Anyway he turn into a little cat girl and see his mind slowly change

I don't own the picture and yes this is the longest story I wrote so far
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No blame my really bad originality when it come to english names
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That porr thing I just died a little on the inside
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aw... TwT' it is actually a reaction that make me happy
rashauno Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
XST146VOLTRON365 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
The ending is really sad. I almost cried. 😭
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is a dramatic story after all, but her story is not done yet
TrollingWolf Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Couldn't her sister just get a hypoallergenic cat?
ztarwarzv2 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah but the story would have been boring if she did
TrollingWolf Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok. Good story but it needs a grammar check. Thanks for the entertainment! :)
freedomdog Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist
let gets say total respect for not sugar coating this story
foxpower93 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, my goal was exactly that, making the story violent and hard without truly using blood, gore just pure mental attack, I'm glad you liked it
grimriper75 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Student
if went this far why not go the old yeller rote
foxpower93 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
grimriper75 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Student
foxpower93 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
there there, the story don't end after this
DeviantArtest99 Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Their are so many plot holes that I'm not even going to mention, but let's just say that this hole thing could have been avoided.
foxpower93 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh but be my guest, point out those plot holes
DeviantArtest99 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright. First one I can see is the fact that Frank's sister could have gotten a cat, wether or not Frank's allergic. You see, my sister has a cat and my older brother and mother are allergic, but that doesn't stop anything. Unless Frank needs an oxygen tank to breath when he's around cats, they could've just gotten a cat and avoided this hole thing. This plot hole is the most noticeable, and if I see some put the phrase "two birds with one stone" in their work ever again, I'll find and give them a rock and tell them to throw it at a birds nest. Don't worry, I'll evacuate any extra eggs from it, so that the bird this nest belongs to won't loss her entire family. That's only one, do you want me to point out the rest?
foxpower93 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First, as you probably ignore allergy can have different effect on people, it is not only drippy nose, it can affect eyes and skin by rash and for people having asthma it is really dangerous. Second two birds with one stone is an english expression only, you see I'm french and the expression is actually (litteraly translated) "two rocks in one shot".

Those two things are far from being plot holes it is not because your family do something that everyone else is going to do the same, if you want a personal example here one: "The first setting of my story is strongly inspired from my real life family, I am allergic to cats and my sister alway wanted to have one, but my mother never brought one because of me".

I would like you to not shuffle personal interpretation and plot holes
DeviantArtest99 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If it's not the unreasonable "two birds, one stone" thing, it might as well be the fact that the sister can't just wait for the she moves out to get a cat. See if you can jump out of that plot hole. Why doesn't the sister just wait?
foxpower93 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is not a plot hole, but the main point of the story. It is the triggering event, sure if you make the sister wait nothing would happen, but it would be the same for every story. Any story need this to move on and so any story would have a hole if you rip it off.

The answer why she do not wait is because if she would have wait the story would have been 3 paragraph long and nothing would have happen. What would have happen if Luc skywalker would have never meet obi-wan? nothing. What would have happen if Frodo would have refused to take the journey, nothing for him. For a story you need a event that trigger it they do not need full explanations and aren't plot holes.

Plot holes are gaps or inconsistencies in a storyline that creates a paradox in the story that cannot be reconciled with any explanation. These include such things as illogical or impossible events, and statements or events that contradict earlier events in the storyline. From my story that is a dark modern fantasy, the fact a character do not have obvious reasons to act as he or she did do not make any inconsistence or gaps. A character can show impulsive behavior and make illogical decision because humans do the same everyday in the real life, especially if the person in question was a young teen that had hormonal change, school and familial stress to cope with.
DeviantArtest99 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, let me phrase that differently. If there's a miracle drug that can cure cat allergies and turn anyone into a catgirl, why isn't this shit illegal? Or better yet, isn't the drug derived into just a cure cat allergies? This cat drug is total bullshit.
foxpower93 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I see now, you aren't doing a critique you are just bashing my story for the heck of it, a real little troll.

I look at your profile and seriously that is the only thing you can be. You aren't able to write a story that worth reading that you decide to go around bashing other stories?

If you do not like the idea I will not force you to read it, but what are you doing is simply low and quite pitiful. I would rather say that what you are doing right now is the "total bullshit". Maybe if you would lose less time swelling your own ego by doing pointless critiques you might be able to write something halfway interesting on your own.

Or if you rather continue feel free to go bother someone else with your logic filled with holes.
(1 Reply)
sakura1255 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
good story, but so sad, i want a happy ending
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 who said it was the ending?
sakura1255 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
sorry, but can you give me the link next part, please
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

but it is not the end of the story yet I'm still writing the later parts, but I am really busy
Ch1biKuro Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
pulls out a revolver and spins the chamber, as he then says "todays the day bitches die...." 

Anyways on a side note, good story but... kinda depressing D: his sister is a total bitch! (sorry for my cussing o-o) but seriously hitting him or well her, and then getting rid of her like that? it make me cry! D: why you make me cry? ;-;
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
if it can make you feel better I cried when writing it Q.Q
Ch1biKuro Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
;n; Im stilll wondering why he or well she, didnt just rip out the sisters throat with her claws or something >.> ( Yes I know im very violent ) she may be smaller but she gots cat like reflexes! and maybe even stronger claw like fingernails? :3 oh well it was still an amazing story to read, and you have a great ability to pull at the readers emotions ^w^ or well my emotions at least :P
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks that what I tried to do and well she could but she also get a child innocence she couldn't think about being violent to pretty much anyone
Ch1biKuro Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
well... that does make sens... but that makes is even sadder considering how her sister beat her with a belt ;n; I mean really why would she do that? if she was just nice to her and tryed to comfort her then she might have been more obedient ;-; maybe... idk o-o
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
there two way to well tame a pet, by goodies and by punishment and well I guess she choose the later ^_^'' scaring her mind
Ch1biKuro Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
but whats the point in having a pet that doesn't love you but only fears you? you then end up with a pet that obeys you only out of fear not love D: it makes me cry ;n; so does the part about not being family any more ;n; 
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah the story is a dramatic so far, but don't worry I'm not heartless to make character having hardship having a bad ending
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hibarikyouya4 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
i hope to see more of this since its a very original concept and im so glad i decided to read this story . youve got the works of something great here......when can we expect  to see more?
foxpower93 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much and I already made "a cat for my parents" and I am currently working on a third one and a fourth one, they will probably be done mid october or so, sorry for the long wait
hibarikyouya4 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013

okay^^ i honestly printed out your story and i put it in my special binder that i put  any stoy i love in(ive read it twelve times already lol) btw ive gotten several other of my friends hooked on your story and one friend also actually cried once he was done(myself included) to the plight of our darling felicia


i hope that you continue to keep posting stories that continue to wrench at my heart strings since this one has done so 


sorry if it seems like im kinda being fanboyish but i honestly cant help it  when it comes to such incredible stories like this

foxpower93 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it, I also cried when writting it actually.

I did write another story of the serie and I'm currently writting a third one.

It alright really and I'm flattered that you liked it this much
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